Clean & Polish

Clean & Polish
The benefits of professional cleaning are too great to ignore
One of the most important aspects of your dental health. With most emphasis being on the teeth, we tend to forget about the importance of good gum health. Many studies have shown that gingivitis or the more serious periodontitis are directly linked to poor heart health and other systemic disease.
Signs you may be due for a clean:
  • Bleeding gums
  • Sore gums
  • Recession – Gums shrinking away from teeth
  • Redness or “loose” gums
  • Presence of yellow-brown calculus, particular at the back of the lower front teeth
  • Bad breath
  • “Chalky” feeling on the back of front teeth
Clean & Polish

Some people are higher risk and accelerate poor gums leading to rapid deterioration of gum and bone tissue.

High risk individuals include
– Those with heart concerns
– Diabetes
– Pregnancy
– Orthodontic metal braces (not including Invisalign)
– Immunosuppressed patients – Hepatitis, Coeliac disease, Crohn’s disease, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, Sjögren’s syndrome

It is recommended that if you have teeth, you should have them cleaned regularly.
On average, to maintain good gum health, we recommend a hygiene clean twice a year. With some good oral hygiene advice and good at home care, you will be able to maintain excellent gingival health.

Even though we would love to see our patients at any time, we understand our patients busy schedules and will usually try to tie this appointment in with your 6-monthly or yearly examination to minimise the impact on your time.

What happens at a hygiene clean appointment

At you hygiene appointment, your dentist will remove all supra-gingival (above gum) and sub-gingival (below gum) calculus (tartar) using scalers and curettes. These are instruments specifically designed to remove calculus and only calculus whilst minimising any trauma to the gums keeping you as comfortable as possible.

Calculus leads to bad breath, chronically inflamed gums which bleed and gingival recession (gums that seem to be shrinking away from the teeth). In turn, this will lead to eventual bone loss and possibly tooth mobility. The benefits of professional cleaning are too great to ignore. In smokers, gums may not bleed, however this is due to the chemicals in cigarette smoke constricting the blood vessels masking a much accelerated demise of bone and gum recession!

And besides, your teeth will look better and feel great!

Clean & Polish