Dental is back!

Reduction to level 1 restrictions!

With current Covid precautions in place, all treatment is again available.

Appointments are nearing capacity before the end of the year, further days are being added.

Coronavirus Updates


We have just been informed by the President of the Australian Dental Association  that restrictions on dental practice are being reduced to level 1 as of Sunday, 12.01am 22 November 2020. 

Re-booking: To make it as easy as possible and to ease the pressure on our patients due to the roller coaster of the last few days, we are available all weekend to re-book your appointments.

Please email us with:
  • Your name
  • Your day/time preference (please help us by including two or three options for times that suit if possible).
We will work hard on our end to make it work for you and try to mitigate the inconvenience this lock-down has caused.

Any questions? Email us!


Coronavirus Updates - The following is outdated.

20/11/2020 - LOCK DOWN TO BE LIFTED EARLY ON SATURDAY 21/11/2020 11:59pm

News just released. Due to a positive case giving misleading information to authorities stating he was a customer of the Woodville pizza bar but instead was working there for several shifts, lock down may be reduced. This means, initially it was thought that a customer contracted Covid from buying a pizza which would suggest a highly transmissible strain (outside of a close contact) causing a lock down. Instead, his positive Covid result was due to him working there several shifts with a close contact - This suggests a lower susceptibility of transmission hence the lock down may not have been necessary and will be lifted, at this stage on Saturday the 21/11/2020. Customers of the pizza bar need to remain in quarantine. Soft restrictions will remain in place.

Authorities have suggested a rise in covid positive number over the next few days and not to be alarmed as this is to be expected.

Until St Clair MDC is satisfied the repeal of this lock down is the right step forward, the door will remain locked and patients will continue to be screened as we were prior to lock down.


  • Restrictions for dental will remain in place over the weekend until official word from SA Health and the SA police commissioner.
  • We will be remaining vigilant, likely above official recommended practice for the safety of our staff and patients who we provide a duty of care.


  • Phone consults only until further notice
  • Accepting new patients

Coronavirus Updates



  • All DENTAL patients will be rescheduled.
  • You do not need to contact the centre to reschedule - We will contact you.
  • NO TREATMENT to be administered in house, emergency or otherwise.
  • ALL emergency treatment is to be directed to an authorized public healthcare centre -
      • You can call SA Dental Service on 1300 008 222 to discuss any concerns. HOWEVER - PLEASE CALL US FIRST on 8463 1388 (dial 2) to discuss your condition and receive advice. SA Dental Service will be inundated will calls and will be stretched thin. Allow us to triage your condition and recommend the next course of action - let's work together to ensure everyone is looked after as best they can be.
Important message from Dr. Robert Bubnic (Owner and principal dentist)

I hope everyone out there is well. I am very proud to live in SA and I believe our response, however harsh, is the right call for our state. After a short lock-down where we can utilise a forced well-earned break to catch up on tasks we have been putting off or just to re-connect with our families, we will be back in full swing soon enough.

We understand the situation is frustrating, but it is for everybody! Our beautiful staff are still working hard, risking their health, fielding calls, cancelling and rescheduling many, many patients and do not deserve to be verbally abused for circumstances out of their control.
I know the majority of people are understanding and for that, I sincerely thank you on behalf of our entire crew. However, if you feel you are being mistreated in any way or have an issue with your appointment please do not take it out on our front office. Instead of directing your concern with our wonderful team, who are doing the best they can, coming in on their day off, with genuine care and concern, to ensure a smooth transition through the lock down, please contact me directly via my personal email at - we can discuss your issue over email or you can request a phone call from myself.

Stress levels are at their peak at the moment while we find our feet, so please be patient with us and allow our team to do the best they can. We will not forget you or let your treatment slide. We are still here to provide a service that is second-to-none in the dental space and will continue to do so through this and beyond.

Please be aware that we are having to reschedule over 30 dental patients a day so I ask for patience once we are back up and running to reappoint your treatment. We will be putting on more days and working longer hours to accommodate all the patients that required rescheduling to get you in as soon as possible. Take care out there! - Dr. Rob.



  • All DENTAL patients will be rescheduled.
  • You do not need to contact the centre to reschedule - We will contact you.
  • Emergency dental treatment is available - This will be PAIN ONLY.
  • Good on you SA for locking down early, let's show the world how it's done!!! Take some well earned time to relax, get some house chores done and we'll be back outdoors, loving life very soon!


  • Phone consultations only
  • Not accepting new patients at this time (medical only during lock-down period)
  • All patients to be rescheduled



  • Cluster investigation/testing underway. Dental or medical yet to be officially restricted. All treatment available (until further notice).
  • Sorry guys, the door is now once again LOCKED - Patients will be screened prior to entry by temperature testing and screening questions (screening staff will be wearing masks and may be mistaken for a storm trooper).
  • Please call the clinic if you have any cold and flu-like symptoms prior to your appointment.
  • Look after yourselves, stay positive, as the saying goes, we've already smashed it once.
Information below this line is outdated, left behind for reference.

UPDATED 18/05/2020
Dental is now UNRESTRICTED

WELL DONE SA! - It is was your diligence, your mindfulness and your compassion to others that has made our beautiful state a literal world-wide inspiration. We at St Clair Medical & Dental Centre would like to thank you all for everything that has been achieved so far.

Same-day appointments available
Online booking - instant confirmation

It is now time to book your incomplete dental treatment. For those of you that haven't visited the dentist in a while, your oral health is a gateway to the body and can greatly impact your overall body health. In these times, it is important to be as fit and healthy as you can be.

Please visit: Active Maintenance to see how your oral health impacts your overall health.

Here at St Clair Medical & Dental Centre, we have appointed a dedicated team to follow and track the progress of the Covid-19 pandemic closely and are implementing procedures to ensure the safety of our patients.

What is St Clair MDC doing?

Dental Specific

Our dental side is QIP accredited, this is a national accreditation which holds us to the strictest standards of infection control which we adhere to at all times, not just during this pandemic. This includes:

  • Strict use of personal protection equipment such as gloves, masks and glasses
  • Single-use sterilisation bags for instruments with indicators to ensure 100% bacterial disinfection
  • All instruments are examined, tracked and noted in patients’ files
  • Daily testing of sterilisation equipment to ensure peak performance
  • Antibacterial disinfection of all equipment and benches after each patient
  • Pre-operative anti-bacterial mouthwash prior to treatment - Updated 29/03/2020
  • Use of rubber dam where possible - Updated 29/03/2020
  • Use of two rooms for one dentist, room rotated after each patient, this allows aerosols to settle and substantial time between room use to allow high end cleaning and disinfection - Updated 29/03/2020

Medical Specific

The medical side is also nationally accredited.

All patients will be triaged over the phone and asked the following:

  • Have you been overseas in the last 2-3 weeks?
  • Do you have ANY signs of cold or flu including running nose, sneezing, cough, fever, difficulty breathing etc.
  • Have you been in contact with a confirmed case of the coronavirus?

If the answer is “yes” to any of these symptoms, the patient will be asked not to come into the centre. Instead, our doctors have offered to consult the majority of these patients over the phone and recommend required treatment.

The door will be locked and a video doorbell will be added and disinfected after each touch. Patients who are scheduled or walk-in, will be triaged at the front door. Again, if the answer is “yes” to those questions above, they will be asked to return directly home and consult over the phone. If the answer is “no” the door will be opened and they may wait for their scheduled appointment time.

General measures

  • Increased frequency of general area antibacterial cleaning including waiting areas and chairs.
  • Magazines and free sample toothpastes have been removed (sorry guys – we did put Netflix on though).
  • Some waiting room chairs have been removed to ensure adequate social distancing
  • Anti-bacterial sanitisers will be available to all patients

Why are we going the extra-mile?

Simply, to ensure the safety of our patients and our team. We will keep our premises as sterile as humanely possible by not only stopping the virus at the front door, but going above and beyond what’s required to keep our space safe. We want our patients to feel secure during their visit and rest assured that they are in a safe environment for their medical or dental needs.

Still feeling a bit uneasy?

You may elect to wait in your car until your appointment is due. Please call us to let us know if you are waiting and we can call you as soon as your dentist or doctor is ready. Then, you can present and, passing triage, walk straight into your appointment.

High risk patients include:

  • People with compromised immune systems (such as people who have cancer)
  • Elderly people (over 70 years old)
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples (as they have higher rates of chronic illness)

After-hours dental visits

Due to the increase measures in place, there is no need be alarmed about your visit to the centre. If you are in the high-risk category above and a dental patient – you may also elect to have your appointment scheduled after hours where only your dentist and assistant will be present in the entire centre.

Should you wish to take advantage of this option. Please call our dental front office on 8463 1388 (dial 2). This will be determined necessary and arranged on a case by case basis.

Lastly, please rest assured there has been no stone left unturned to protect you and our team. In the event we do need to close, we will inform our patients by all social media outlets as well as our website and other avenues.

There is no need to delay your medical or dental appointments.

Take care, we are here when you need us!

The team at St Clair Medical & Dental Centre

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