The face of a great smile
Veneers are facings placed onto the outer surface of the front teeth but can extend back to the molars depending on how wide the individual smiles. This can either be a thin layer of resin (tooth-coloured filling) or porcelain. A choice that is dependant on restorations already in adjoining teeth as well as affordability and desired look and feel.Veneers can be used not only to produce a bright, natural smile but it can also be used to correct crooked teeth or close spaces where the time taken to correct by braces or Invisalign are not wanted.
The Veneer Process
Prior to an excellent result is the planning!Firstly, we will construct plaster models of your teeth and create the veneers out of wax on the model. Then using a plastic mould custom made on the model, we can use a temporary material on your actual teeth, in your mouth to give you an idea on how the veneers will look BEFORE having any treatment! This is completely removable with the flick of an instrument.
Appointment 1: Preparation
The teeth that are to be veneered are very conservatively shaped and beveled (very minimal, can be done without local anaethetic if desired and is mostly unnoticeable to general view) to ensure the veneer/s fit/s seamlessly and the join between veneer and tooth cannot be seen. An impression (mould of your mouth) is taken and sent to a local cosmetic lab in the CBD. A shade is recorded and temporary veneers are then placed. If the shade is quite difficult or have characteristics that may be difficult to translate to the lab, we will ask you to visit the lab so they may see your shade first-hand to ensure a perfect match.
Diagnostic Wax-up of Veneers
Appointment 2: Insert1-2 weeks after this appointment, you will return for cementation. The temporary veneers are removed and veneers placed with a “try-in cement” (removable) for you to view. Once you have viewed and are happy with the result, the veneers are removed, cleaned and replaced with permanent bond.
Appointment 3 (Optional): Review This appointment is optional but recommended. This is to ensure the veneers have settled in correctly and there are no issues experienced at all. Generally we will give the veneers an extra buff to promote their luster. There is no fee for any reviews.